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    USB Rechargeable Hair Growth Cap Strengthen Hair RootsAnti Hairs Loss Scalp Care Relieve Fatigue Deep Hair Follicle Promoting


    1) Voltage input: DC 5V500mA
    2) Charging port:Type-C
    3) LED power:25mW(pcs)
    4) Material: PU+fabric
    5) LED quantity:48pcs
    6) Size: 227.7*207.5*8.3mm


    1. The product uses 48 LED lamp beads, and the light wavelengths are
      Blue light calms the skin, promotes hair follicle growth, and protects the scalp.
    2. Light board material - The light board is composed of 630nm&650nm&470nm red light and blue light respectively. According to research, light with different wavelengths has different effects on the skin. Near-infrared rays can promote skin metabolism, eliminate inflammation, improve hair follicle blood circulation, and protect hair.kin-friendly material PU and non-woven fabric, which is light in weight and easy to install in the hat.
    3. Upgrade with a battery - the engineer embedded a 500 mAh lithium battery in the light board, the light board can be recharged repeatedly, easy to carry, you can wear hair growth equipment to travel easily.
    4. Multifunctional timing device - The hair growth device has 4 mode adjustment modes, 10-minute and 25-minute minute timing device, so that you can easily use it even when you are sleeping, without worrying about excessive physiotherapy exposure.

    How to used?

    1: Press and hold the on/off key for more than 2 seconds to turn on/off
    2:Press "M" to switch the usage mode:
    Mode 1. The red light is always on, and the time is 10 minutes; Efficacy: hair care, hair care, hair growth.
    Mode 2. The blue/red light flashes alternately for 10 minutes; Efficacy: Oil control, hair care, hair care, hair growth.
    Mode 3. The blue light is always on for 10 minutes; Efficacy: hair care, hair care.
    Mode 4. Flashing/constant light alternately, time 25 minutes; Efficacy: dense hair, additional hair.


    1) After use, it should be stored in a ventilated and dry place .
    2) Do not put heavy pressure on the product, otherwise it will be damaged .
    3) Do not use too much force when unplugging the USB charging port, otherwise it will break and fall of.
    4) To clean the product, turn off the power, wipe it with a damp cloth, and dry it with a towel or ventilate it.
    5) Do not soak or rinse in water, and do not use strong detergents for cleaning .